About Us

BO Zillion is a Nigerian fashion label merging culture and art while catering to the unconventional man and woman.

BO Zillion is a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on preserving and elevating the IJAW traditional heritage.

Inspired by the non-inclusion of the indigenous fabrics of the ijaw people in global fashion – which usually lay lifeless at the bottom of our mother’s trunk boxes.

BO Zillion is a fashion movement advocating for the inclusion of these fabrics by creating modern elegant pieces using the hand woven IKAKI and KURU-KURU BITÈ fabrics embellished with up cycle materials and natural dyes.


Crafted by a team of expert local artisans from southern Nigeria, every collection produced are carefully cut to ensure minimum waste and eco-friendliness.

The unsung stories of the Ijaw people are being told by us through our fabrics and style.

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11 Circular road presidential estate GRA port Harcourt

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