The Bo project

The Bo project mainly focus on the empowerment and career building of vulnerable young girls and women in underrepresented communities in the south-south region of Nigeria.

Our fashion brand is deeply committed to advancing the cause of women by teaching them fashion designing and after the successful completion of the training program we partner with other organizations within the fashion industry to employ these women which helps them gain financial independence.
Recognizing the vital role of women in the community,”when you empower a woman,you empower a family,a community and indeed a nation”we aim to empower them by ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities for career advancement,championing gender equality,promoting decent work and economic growth while fostering responsible consumption and production.

Our initiatives focus on education,ethical Fashion practices and up cycle skills training,

By integrating sustainable practices into our business model, we support the economic growth that is both inclusive and responsible. We actively seek to create a diverse and equitable workplace, where discrimination is challenged, and gender parity is prioritized. Bo project efforts extend beyond our immediate operations to the wider community, supporting projects that encourage female entrepreneurship and advocating for policies that promote gender equality in the workforce. Through these endeavors, we strive to set a standard for the fashion industry, demonstrating that style and social responsibility can go hand in hand.

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